Speaker at VR for Good at TWIST360° Film Festival.
Augmented Reality solution for solving problems during Disaster Relief. Speaker at PIEP Conference 2017
Discovered 2 phytoplankton types using Machine Learning.
King County Crisis Clinic project.
Ethnography: Oral Traditions of Medicine in Tahiti.
Machine Learning and Data Visualization for network analysis.
PATH project on Maternal and Neonatal Health in India.


Explore. Execute. Empower. Evolve.



I am Abhigyan Kaustubh, an AI + UX Generalist in the field of MR.

My goal is to evolve human experiences at individual and community level, sustainably.
I particularly enjoy working on things that are at fundamental level, from where positive domino effects can propagate across industries or communities.

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I tend to learn and apply whatever it takes to get there.

With regards to technology, I have applied my skills in User Experience (Research + Design), and Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision) for most of my career.

For a while now, I have been applying some of these in the field of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

My Specialty:

Being able to think, gather resources, communicate, design and execute towards a vision at different levels of granularity.

This enables me in:

Developing vision, strategy and road map
Coordinating multiple teams from relevant disciplines to drive effective processes
Formulating & designing key product features, from inception to customer buy-in

If you would like to chat, please reach out to me via email at akaustubh.01 [at] gmail [dot] com.
For an overview of my entire professional + academic experience, please see here.



Humanitarian Assistance Award – SEA-VR Hackathon IV (2016) (GeekWire)
Honorable Mention –  SEA-VR Hackathon II (2015) (GeekWire)


Virtual Reality projects in the Seattle area (2016)
Inter-college Technical Paper Presentation competitions at University of Mumbai (2011)
Inter-college Robotics competitions at University of Mumbai (2010-11)


Kick Incubator Seattle (2014) (Best Business Plan – MyPS Bank)
MSIM Dean’s Scholarship (’13-’14) (Merit based – awarded to 2 out of 80)

Best Paper Awards and Best Speaker Award

Cloud Computing
Face Detection & Recognition
3D Optical Data Storage


“Questioning Feedback: Improving Public Health Messaging” (ICTD 2013, Cape Town, South Africa)

Inter College Debates, Extempores and Speeches

Won 1st place in several of them (’06-’12)

Best Personality Award

University of Mumbai, 2012


“Throughout my professional career of 50 years, I have associated with some of the smartest and most visionary people in the world. AK is certainly one of these people. I have worked alongside AK for over a year in my roles as a professor and small high tech business owner. I believe there are several attributes that distinguish AK. He is driven by a mission to lift mankind through the masterful application of user interfaces, machine learning, and virtual and augmented reality. I have seen him weave these skills into a tapestry that does lift and inspire. In the classroom, he is a great teacher…one that not only can explain complex subjects clearly but also lead others to learn and embody those subjects because he cares. In the laboratory, he is able to disambiguate complex design issues (such as his contributions on my mind-bubble project), work on the essential components and then reassemble these components in an elegant and masterful design. On the business front he understands and applies the dynamics of creating value and profitability for enterprise. He is enthusiastic, full of energy, thoughtful and compassionate. Most importantly, he maintains the highest standards of personal integrity…people like AK give me hope for the future. “

Thomas A. Furness III
Professor, Inventor, Virtual Reality Pioneer, Entrepreneur
December 28, 2016, Tom managed Abhigyan directly


“AK is a very intelligent, highly-engaged guy. I hired him as part of my team at RATLab LLC in October 2015 to work on usability and research tasks, and in this role he demonstrated himself to be self-directed, attentive to detail, and extremely focused on getting answers. AK’s work with the lab touched on a number of activities, including usability, design, teaching and research. He is a committed worker who strives to take ownership over the projects he works on and who maintains a broad range of interests beyond his technical work. He is a stimulating, enthusiastic, and interesting colleague and friend.”

Trond Nilsen
Entrepreneur, Researcher, Software Engineer
December 14, 2016, Trond managed Abhigyan directly

“I had the pleasure of working with AK, who was my primary point of contact with the Seattle VR Community and the VR pioneers of the Virtual World Society. His support was invaluable as we prepared to host the first ever virtual reality hackathon in Nigeria. AK was enthusiastic, knowledgable, proactive and indefatigable in his support. He was able to marshal resources, coordinate support and somehow always found time to respond in a timely manner to queries despite a busy schedule that involved teaching. He comes very highly recommended.”

Judith Okonkwo
Building a community of Virtual Reality content creators and enthusiasts
April 23, 2017, Judith worked with Abhigyan but at different companies


“I had the opportunity to work with Abhigyan Kaustubh on a quarter long Project Management simulation. AK routinely brought innovative ideas for problem solving and did an excellent job of managing elements of the simulation as well.”

Tyler Fruichantie
System Analyst II at Expeditors
February 24, 2013, Tyler and Abhigyan were students together


“I have known Abhigyan for over 4 years and he has always been inquisitive. He asks, assimilates, applies and amazes. In his quest for knowledge, Abhigyan has participated in numerous technical & non-technical events and won in most of them. His enthusiasm is infectious & attracts many to join in his endeavors. I wish Abhigyan a happy and successful professional life!”

Oindrila De
Business Analyst | Travel Blogger
October 23, 2012, Oindrila and Abhigyan were students together



Future of Mixed Reality and Digital Citizenship, IEEE-SA Think Tank, NYC, July 2017.
Mixed Reality solution for improving triage in disaster response, PIEP Conference, Tacoma, April, 2017.
Technology (VR) for Good panel at Twist 360° Festival, Seattle, 2016.
Mixed Reality product “DisastARcons” for improving disaster response, Immerse Summit, Seattle, 2016.
Virtual World Society’s mission of “VR for Good” at the VWS booth, Immerse Summit, Seattle, 2016.


Discovery of new categories of Phytoplankton in the Pacific Ocean using Machine Learning, eScience Institute | UW, Seattle, 2015.
Overview of Scalable SQL and NoSQL Data Stores, University of Washington CSE, Seattle, May 2013.
Face Detection and Recognition, Technical Paper Presentation Competition, Computer Society of India, 2011.


Applying UX Principles in Research Domains to improve community involvement, UW, Seattle, March, 2017.
Graphical Representation of Network Monitoring System,
Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai, Mumbai, May 2012.
3D Data Storage
, Technical Paper Presentation Competition, ETSA, University of Mumbai, 2011.
Ad-hoc Networks and Distributed Computing, Seminar, PVPP, University of Mumbai, 2011.
Cloud Computing, Technical Paper Presentation Competition, CSI Student Chapter, University of Mumbai, 2009.


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Crisis Clinic Project
Phytoplankton Trends
MRD for Leukemia
Memory Game
Maternal and Infant Mortality in rural India
Mind Palace
Ethnography in Tahiti
MyPS Bank
fMRI Brain Scan
Stock Market Swings Prediction
Infant Mortality in Africa
Textual Analysis
Solar System Simulation
LunarLander Project Management
Random UX Logs

 For a complete list, please see here.


For an overview of my entire academic + professional experience, please see here.

For a briefer version, here’s my Resume.