LunarLander Project Management


This project was for the ‘Principles of Information Project Management’ course at UW.

Team Members: Abhigyan Kaustubh, Tyler Fruchantie, Sara Merritt, Yaxing Yao, Yan Sun


Worked with my team in building a miniature model of the Lunar Lander as part of Project Simulation of the Principles of Information Project Management course. (Model materials of the “Lunar Lander” were provided by and are the property of The Versatile Company (© 2002. All rights reserved.))

• The entire project was divided into three phases: the Bid, the Plan, and the Build; which were carried out with 9 other competing teams, along with the suppliers and the customer, in a realistic setting.

• During the project, I was the Project Manager for the Bid and the Build phase.

The Bid phase involved bidding to win in accordance with the estimation of cost, risk and time, and involved forging symbiotic contracts with the suppliers and the collaborators.
The Build phase, on the other hand, involved tracking the tasks and the resources associated with the building process, maintaining near 100% utilization of resources, and negotiating with the customers and suppliers to account for the changing requirements and unforeseen scenarios that appeared during this phase.


Our team made the highest profit of 30%, along with achieving high customer, collaborator and employee satisfaction.