Memory Game

Built a Mixed Reality game for kids during the HoloHacks in May, 2016.


Memory Palace is a Windows Hololens application that enables the user to enhance their memory for specific objects by using the spatial mapping of the brain in the current/familiar environment.

Role: Product Management, UX Researcher, VR Interaction Designer

Key activities: Secondary ResearchBrainstorming, Ideation, Roleplaying, Prototyping, Feature Identification and design, VR Interaction and UI Flow, Coding, Presentation, Project Management

Team Members: Abhigyan Kaustubh, Malika Lim, John Shaff, Kevin Owyang, Hailey

Timeline: 36 hours

Tools:  Unity3D, Windows 10, MS Visual Studio, Hololens SDK, Maya

Demo Video:



From our brainstorming session, where we started with our inspiration, value propositions, user needs and team skill set, we scoped it down and designed and developed towards our final product.

Process Flow - Memory Game (HoloHacks)

Some pictures from our project:

IMG_20160522_163113 IMG_20160522_163253 IMG_20160522_163137 IMG_20160522_163158 IMG_20160522_163210 IMG_20160522_163226 IMG_20160522_163234  IMG_20160522_163304