Mind Palace

A virtual reality application that allows the user to store, organize, search, explore and share memories from different moments in their lives in a 3D virtual environment.


Led my team to create a 3D model in VR during the Seattle Virtual Reality Hackathon II in September, 2015, and have been researching various techniques that can leverage the 3D VR environment to augment human mind/memory on my own since then. Have continued to develop the VR IxD for this application with a strong emphasis on UCD principles.

Based on the learnings from this project, I lead a team at RATLab LLC to carry out further research on very similar project, and identified most compelling use cases and key features which allowed us to design the virtual environment and interface design for this in High Fidelity (prototyping), and then in Unity 3D (separate team).

Received honorable mention at the SEA-VR Hackathon II, and the project was covered in GeekWire.

Role: Project Lead/Product Manager, UX Researcher, Designer, Presenter

Key Activities: Research, Ideation, Prototyping, Design (Environment + Interaction + Key Features Hierarchy), Data Visualization, Coding, Demoing, Presentation and Evangelization, Client Support

Team Members: Abhigyan Kaustubh, Xinglu Yao, Lucky Agung Pratama

Timeline: 36 hours

Tools: Unreal Engine, Balsamiq, Oculus DK2, Leap Motion