Textual Analysis

Conducted exploratory data analysis using data visualization for understanding the nature of membership on fan-fiction sites.(Tableau, Python, CSV)


A fanfiction is just a fiction written by fans of a TV series, movie, novel, etc., using existing characters and situations to develop new plots. This allows a lot of freedom and provides the individual with a sense of safety in which they are free to create different environments, situations, social constructs, relationships, activities, etc. which might be very different from the norm of the society that the individual (fan) is a part of. It thus provides a very fertile ground for exploration of new ideas, from which the existing societies can be effected. In such a flat hierarchy where the only merits of consideration are communication and creativity, it creates an interesting environment where users of different experience learn from each other and contribute to this domain. Thus, studying such a social structure in the digital arena could be beneficial in terms of understanding human behavior in such environments, and its effects can then be understood and learned from for other situations.


As a member of a Directed Research Group in the Human Centered Design Engineering Department at University of Washington, I coded the reviews in fanfiction sites based on a set of attributes and performed exploratory data analysis using visualization to find and verify trends and correlations, thereby reinforcing the conclusions that we derived about the nature of mentorship in fanfiction sites.