Co-developed a business model for a product to reduce health insurance premiums with CEOs in the health sector.

Team Members: Aarti Bindlish, Abhigyan Kaustubh (AK), Brijesh Sharma, Justin Warren, Raksha Viswanatha, Yi-ming Wen

Executive Summary

Healthcare cost in the US is everyone’s concern. Despite rising premiums, profit margins for insurance companies are not increasing proportionally. Future changes in health care regulations will have a multifaceted impact across the industry. Thirty-three percent of university students either do not have insurance coverage or have minimal coverage. Hypothesis testing suggests that university students are interested in participating in preventive care through maintaining their physical fitness if such acts are incentivized.

Business study and market research were conducted to analyze the feasibility of running a platform to incentivize university students to maintain their physical fitness and provide them with a better health insurance policy.

In doing so, key resources, key partners and key activities were identified that will allow the company to achieve economies of scale, reduce risk and acquire resources. University students between the age of 18 and 26 were identified as the target market that will be reached directly through sales representatives.

The first phase of the business starts with bootstrapping from six of its founding members and focuses its efforts on Website & Platform Development, Marketing & Sales, and Administration & Compliance. In the second phase, subscriptions to better insurance plans are provided to customers. Revenue in the first phase will be from transactional fees each time members purchase discounted consumer products.  The revenue in the second phase will come from the commissions the company earns each time customers purchase a new policy. Research shows initial revenue projections in local markets could reach as much as $449,400 to $674,100.

By leveraging the founders’ expertise in platform development, marketing and sales the company seeks to motivate a healthier lifestyle while considerably reducing health insurance costs.


To incentivize a healthier lifestyle for university students and offer lower health insurance costs, better coverage and easy access.

For the Business Plan, please click here.

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