Abhigyan Kaustubh AI. MR. UX.

Work Experience



Business Strategy Manager


Sept’17 – Present

  • Optimizing and deploying strategy for international user growth for Minecraft PC.

Founding Board Member

VR Co-op
Mar’17 – Present

  • Securing partnerships with VR companies to enrich education programs via VR in prisons, libraries, and schools in the Seattle area.
  • https://www.vrcoop.org/

Making VR accessible in Seattle


Product Manager

Oct’16 – Aug’17 (10 months)

  • Led a team of 9 on an MR product for disaster response. Defined goals, milestones, and requirements.
  • Identified main use needs to create user story, prototypes, assets, dashboards, and 4 key features.
  • Won award (+ GeekWire coverage), secured 2 clients, and invited to Immerse’16 and PIEPC’17.

MR Product for Disaster Response

Guest Lecturer – Virtual Interface Tech.

University of Washington, Seattle
– Dec’16 (4 months)

  • Designed curriculum (first of its kind) for graduate class at UW’s Industrial Engineering (IE) department, covering the entire design and development pipeline of VR environment creation.
  • Taught end-to-end development resulting in 32 full-fledged VR projects in 10 weeks by 21 IE students.

Here’s what I taught: ind-e-543-syllabus



Taught VR design and development (Unity, Google Cardboard SDK).


Research Scientist

RATLab LLC (Virtual Reality Group) 
Oct’15 – Jun’17 (1 year 9 months)

Advisor: Professor Thomas A. Furness III

  • Researched on multimodal inputs, adaptive environments and other aspects of VR and AR.
  • Used this to lead teams to build 2 VR products on Dementia and Mind Maps, and several POCs.
  • Enabled a VR startup launch their platform by streamlining their UX.

3 Products + R&D for VR & AR

Founding Member + Ambassador

Virtual World Society
Oct’15 – Jun’17 (1 year 9 months)

  • Defined vision to facilitate collaborative problem solving in civic, academic & commercial sectors, globally. Created blueprints for affiliate programs and academic & corporate partnerships.
  • Established presence in 5+ countries. Validated value proposition & built subscription-based business model from design sprints, market research, ethnography, outreach & evangelization.
  • Facilitated launch of Nigeria’s 1st VR Hackathon. Helped create a sustainable ecosystem for VR in the community, secure academic & industrial partners, & create strong media presence.



Enabled community leaders globally in launching/adopting VR.


Program Manager + Developer

eScience Institute | UW CSE | Capstone
Dec’14 – Jun’15 (7 months)

  • Discovered 2 new phytoplankton groups in the Pacific Ocean using ML and Data Visualization. (Python, R, Tableau, Photoshop)
  • Acquired client and developed strategy. Collaborated with the stakeholders using Agile methodology, and documented the progress in this Github repo.

Discovered 2 phytoplankton groups.

Graduate Staff Assistant

University of Washington – IT
Jul’14 – May’15 (11 months)

  • Created a visual analytics product to track & edit features in UW’s Learning Management System to enable staff gain deeper comprehension of student performance.
  • Provided insights to the leadership, and improved content discovery for students by 50-90%.
  • Incorporated product discovery + UX processes: definition, ideation, solutioning, prototyping, implementation testing.

Student Performance Tracking Tool.

Data Visualization Research Intern

PitchBook Data
Jul’14 – Nov’14 (5 months)

  • Initiated the UCD process and created interactive visualizations of the Venture Capital and the Private Equity arena.
  • Used D3.js, json, SQL, Excel.

Created Visualizations.

Teaching Assistant

Master of Human Computer Interaction + Design
Mar’14 – Jun’14 (4 months)

  • Developed the UX Studio Research course and the capstone event with the Head of the Department, and mentored several students.

Taught UX Research.


Technical Consultant

BITS Consulting
Oct’13 – Dec’13 (3 months)

  • Worked on the BITS Database project team, serving clients ranging from IT Healthcare to Arts and Sciences.

Databases assistance.

Graduate Research Assistant

Jul’13 – Sept’13 (3 months)

Advisor: Professor Richard Anderson

  • Researched on improving public health messaging to reduce maternal & infant mortality in rural India.
  • Published a Note at the International Conference on ICTD 2013 at Cape Town, South Africa, 2013.

Improved maternal and neo-natal health in rural India

Software Developer Engineer Intern

Jul’13 – Sept’13 (3 months)

  • Enabled streamlining strategy & informing design of the product by using UX research methods (Interviews, Focus Groups and A/B Testing).
  • Performed unit testing and bug fixing using C# (Moq), Visual Studio 2012.
  • Collaborated with SDE, Design, Marketing and Executive teams.

Strategy + Product Design.

Student Consultant

Adaptive Biotechnologies
Apr’13 – Jun’13 (3 months)

  • Created an innovation diffusion plan to launch a disruptive technology for early detection of resurgence of Cancer (Leukemia) in the market.
  • Used 4P Marketing framework and performed Competitor analysis (3C + SWOT). Identified early adopters, methods of getting FDA and Insurance approvals, reimbursement, etc., which contributed in gaining stronger market traction for the company.



New Tech's early adoption.

Director of Marketing

Business Information Technology Society
Mar’13 – Dec’13 (10 months)

  • Slashed off 50% of sub-optimal offerings to focus on the key value proposition, & created marketing campaigns, positioning and brand in accordance.
  • Collaborated with the executive team to launch 3 events, forged 6 partnerships, grew members by 200%, & raised sponsorship from Ernst & Young.

200% increase. Acquired 6 partners and 3 sponsors.


Software Developer Engineer Intern

Bhabha Atomic Research Center
Aug’11 – May’12 (10 months)

  • The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre is India’s premier multi-disciplinary nuclear research facility, covering the entire spectrum of nuclear science, engineering and related areas.
  • Led a team of 4 to design the org’s Graphical Network Monitoring System. Collaborated with various teams to identify security threats. Deployed 4 key features to decrease response time for issues by 70%.

Increased network security.


Software Developer Engineer Intern

L&T Infotech
Jul’10 – Aug’10 (2 months)

  • Reduced delays in communication between employees via UX research and designing intra-organization social network.

Reduced communication delays.